UARR health and human rights forum

A panel of human rights advocates, educators and researchers will explore: the impact of the rising hate and fascism on the health and wellbeing of our communities. This forum will also focus on research on the impact of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).


cannabis education panel for youth

To create a discussion around the legalization of cannabis and how it will affect young people in Toronto and Canada as a whole. Our panelists come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we strongly encourage youth to come with questions that we can discuss. Our discussions touched on themes such as marginalization, criminalization, public health advocacy and youth policy.

toronto youth consultation event

The Institute for Youth Health and Development, in collaboration with a number of other youth groups, co-hosted the Toronto Youth Policy consultation event on Sunday, August 26th. This event was part of the 'For Youth, With Youth' initiative, a youth-led and -organized, non-partisan consultation taking place across Canada to reach at least 1,000 young people and discover what issues matter to them most. We gathered some amazing data on what youth think should be included in Canada’s new youth policy.