Sajeth Paskaran, Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Sajeth Paskaran is the Director of Stakeholder Engagement with the Institute for Youth Health and Development. He is a recent graduate from York University with a major in Criminology, minor in Political Science with a specialization in public policy, and a certificate in Emergency Management. Although Sajeth may not possess formal academic background in health policy or development, he is on the executive team to bring forward his strengths from previous experiences establishing connections between different stakeholders and partners to the organization. The opportunity to bridge interactions with other like-minded organization to make the IYHD more wholesome with endless possibilities of collaborations is a goal that Sajeth greatly looks forward to contributing to. He is excited to be a part of the impact that this organization will have on those engaged with its programs and look forward to establishing insightful networks with passionate youth leaders aiming to make progressive and intersectional changes in society.